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Male Strippers Melbourne

The location has been chosen, the dates have been set. Outfits, catering, invite and flowers have all been taken care of.

There’s only one thing left to organise for the upcoming wedding – the all important Hens’ Night and lets now forget the Male strippers!

Hens’ Nights are a rite of passage for any bride to be before she takes the final commitment of marriage. It’s a time for everybody to let their hair down after the stress of organising the wedding is finished – and to have a whole heap of fun.

At Melbourne Male strippers we specialise in creating customised Hens’ Night events for bridal parties, no matter what they may have planned.

The team at have been in the clubbing industry for over six years, helping to promote various clubs and running many successful events. We know what it takes to run an amazing event – Hens’ Nights included.

We started this business so that you can plan the ultimate night for somebody who is undoubtedly your best friend. We take care of all the tiniest details, so you can enjoy the largest of nights. We have Male strippers melbourne representatives working all around Australia to bring you the very best and nothing but the best entertainment to your home town to create you’a saucy, sexy and successful Hens Night to remember by everyone.

Whether it’s a day/night cruise in Melbourne, being pampered at a Day spa exclusively only for you and your Hens party, or a VIP tour of some of the hottest and most exclusive clubs in the state, we can tailor a package to suit anyone or alternately you can select one from our “Pre-made packages” Here’s a few ideas of what we can organise.

Accommodation, Transport, Slideshow/presentations, Themes, Designer Invitations, DJ’s / Bands, Security, Exclusive venues, Catering/ Beverages, Entertainment, Photographer, Decor or your very own Event Organiser.

Hen Party Games 

Fit the condom

  • How fast can you unwrap and put a condom properly onto a zucchini?
  • Need zucchini and a condom.
  • You cannot use your hands!

Create a wedding dress from toilet paper

  • Divide the group into teams
  • You need 6 rolls of toilet paper per team and sticky/scotch tape.
  • Set time limit.
  • Prize the most creative or the dress most would use as a real wedding dress.

Quiz the Bride

  • Before the hens night ask the groom 10 questions about himself.
  • On the night ask the bride and see how many she gets right.
  • Questions could be:
    1. Favorite color
    2. Favorite movie
    3. Favorite food
    4. When did he have sex for the first time
    5. Where they met
    6. Subject of last fight
    7. What color panties did she wear when they had sex the first time
    8. His favorite tool

Pin the penis on the hunk:

  • Get a poster of a hunky guy.
  • get penis cut outs and blutac
  • The closest to the real location wins
  • The closest to the head wins

Plant a kiss on the lips

  • Get a headshot poster of a sexy guy
  • Have every woman freshen up lipstick
  • Blindfold the women, turn them around a time or two and have them kiss the poster
  • Lipstick will show who’s closest to the lips – and that’s the winner of the prize.

He’s a 10!

  • If you’re at a bar or club, pass out cards numbered 1-6 and when a guy comes through the door, vote
  • If he comes over, ask him for a mini-striptease – just for the bride, of course

Finally.. there’s this famous video of a hen party game

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